Memorial Tablets in Chevalier

Memorial Tablets
The two bronze memorial tablets in the Chevalier Auditorium were designed by the distinguished sculptor, Emilius Ciampa of Medford. The plaque on the left of stage, bearing a profile of Godfrey Chevalier, reads as follows:

“In war and in peace, he lived, tried, conquered and died – a gentleman unafraid. He died as an eagle would die, eyes front, wings outstretched – in flight. Such men exalt their uniform and their service, and their souls wing their way to their Great Commander still unafraid.”

About the Artist and Sculptor
Emilius Ciampa, born in Italy in 1896, immigrated with his family to the United States as a small child in the early 1900’s. He attended public schools in the North End of Boston and his artistic talent was recognized early in his childhood.

Following his discharge from the military in World War I, Ciampa established a studio and plant in Florida. Three years later, when the company was destroyed by a hurricane, Emilius Ciampa relocated to Medford in 1928.

Monuments and Plaques

Angel of Victory and Peace
in Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford

New England is fortunate to have many of his memorial monuments and plaques dedicated to those who have distinguished themselves in community, nation or the world. The Esplanade on the Charles is the site of many of Ciampa’s work: the Fiedler plaque, the Boston University bridge plaque, the Storrow Memorial, and the Tobin statue near the Hatch Shell. The most elaborate of his World War memorial monuments are those in Mount Hope Cemetery, Mattapan.

Here in Medford, we have the best known of his World War memorial monuments: the Supreme Sacrifice and Angel of Victory and Peace in Oak Grove Cemetery. His memorial plaques in Tufts Square, the Chevalier Auditorium memorial tablets, the Amelia Earhart plaque at the Mystic River Dam and many other works are his legacy to the City of Medford.
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